A Dry Scalp Remedy for All Ages

You’re not the only one looking for a dry scalp remedy to carry you through the freezing winter months. You’ve seen the flakes, felt the itch and tried many products.

What you may have not considered is that the perfect solution may be right under your nose. One parent found a solution to dry scalp hiding within her younger child’s toiletries.

After offering them to her daughter, Gracie’s mom was pleased to see how accessible this treatment was.

“Luckily, my ten-year-old pulls out a Noggin wipe (originally bought for my 3 year old) to help relieve her itchy scalp.” 

Talk about raising self-sufficient kiddos! How can any parent resist a product that can be used without their assistance?

After seeing Noggin Wipes successfully treat cradle cap in her younger child, Gracie’s mom thought the wipe might also be a good dry scalp remedy for her. She was even more attracted to Noggin Wipes as a solution because of how easy they are to use.

“I love anything that is easy and this is,” says Gracie’s mom.

Why Noggin Wipes is a Perfect Remedy

While there are many dry scalp remedies on the market, not all of them work! They also are not all this easy to use. Noggin Wipes can be used on-the-go which makes them the perfect treatment.

Made with avocado and jojoba oil, these wipes are super moisturizing and can truly be used for a wide range of treatments. Though we created them specifically for cradle cap, we’re learning new ways that they can be used every day.

That’s why we love to see our customers find so many uses for Noggin Wipes in their lives. Do you have an interesting Noggin Wipes story to share?

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