A Nontoxic Wipe for Scaly Skin

The uses for Noggin Wipes are always expanding — one mom blogger used it as a nontoxic wipe for scaly skin.

Terri Salinas of A Cup of Motherly, noticed a patch of scaly skin on her young daughters leg. After lotions and ointments did not work, she turned to another solution.

“With one use of the Noggin Wipes, I immediately saw results. No more dry, scaly skin and it left the area moisturized and calm,” says Terri.

Terri was happy to find a product that finally worked to restore the softness and smoothness of her daughter’s skin. Moreover, she was excited that the product consisted of only clean ingredients. It was important to her to find something that did not consist of harsh fragrances or parabens.

“As a mother, I believe it’s important to find and research products that are safe and nontoxic. Noggin wipes proves to be just that!”

More Uses Than One

When Terri found this nontoxic wipe for scaly skin, she had no idea that she might find other uses for it. However, once her daughter’s skin was clear, she wanted to put the remaining wipes to good use.

She decided that she would give the wipes a go as a makeup remover and was shocked to see them actually work! Terri felt safe using Noggin Wipes on her eyes because of how gentle the ingredients are.

“Not only is it safe for baby, but for mom as well. It removed my stubborn eye makeup very effectively. I highly recommend it!”

When she initially bought Noggin Wipes, Terri was in need of a nontoxic wipe for scaly skin to help her daughter. To her surprise, the product turned out to be (and do) much more than she expected.

So before you ditch your remaining Noggin Wipes, give them a swipe across your eye. You may find yourself swapping your old makeup wipes for new ones with only natural ingredients. We won’t tell if you don’t!


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