An Easy Cradle Cap Remedy: Mom to Maverick Tells All

Maverick has had cradle cap since he was only a few weeks old. His mother, Nicole, was anxious to find an easy cradle cap remedy from the very beginning. She was honest and admitted that finding an easy solution was harder than she expected.

Like most babies, Maverick is on the move and has limited patience for sitting still. In fact, Maverick’s mom found it difficult to find a solution for his cradle cap that worked for him due to his busy nature. To complicate matters, Maverick has a head full of hair. This makes it difficult to apply some of the cradle cap solutions on the market.

When Maverick’s mom found NogginWipes, she knew that it was an easy cradle cap remedy that would work wonders for her little tot.

There were no more fussy little protests from Maverick since the wipes were convenient and could easily be applied without compromising his busy day of play.

His mom was surprised and thrilled to see results in such a short time of using NogginWipes.

“I’ve noticed a difference in just a few days since we started using them,” Nicole explained.

We’re glad that NogginWipes could make life less complicated for this busy mom. At Teeny Tiny Treatments, we’re on a mission to create easy and effective solutions for parents across the world.

Hear more stories like Maverick’s and learn why NogginWipes is the easy cradle cap remedy you’ve been wishing for. You can also find other DIY remedies shared by our Founder, Donna Rudoplh on the Teeny Tiny Treatments YouTube channel.

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