Teeny Tiny Talks: Better Solutions for Parents

Donna Reveals What Pushed Her Into Entrepreneurship on the Inspiration Interview Series

Teeny Tiny Treatments founder Donna Rudolph was recently a guest of the Inspiration Interview Series with Dana Pierson Schnurman. During the interview, she discussed her passion for creating solutions for parents.

Donna dishes out on how she first came to the decision to enter the world of entrepreneurship. She simply desired to help make parenthood just a little easier!

“They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that is what happened to Donna Rudolph, says Dana during an introduction of her guest.

Donna began with a brief story about her struggle with her first child’s cradle cap. She remembered wishing that there were a better solution for parents to use. Instead, she was left with messy oils and combs that pulled out her baby’s precious hair.

Even in the midst of this struggle, she had no idea at the time what the future held. She would become the brains behind a product that would finally address the woes of cradle cap.

Donna explains on the podcast that for months her and a friend brainstormed about products that could be helpful solutions for parents.

One day it finally happened. The idea of NogginWipes (which had been under her nose all along) struck her!

She attributes the first successes of Noggin Wipes to her founding partner who gave her the push to move forward with her idea.

She admits that it was a push into the unknown that she has had to figure out along the way, but that sometimes it’s best not to know all the hurdles you will face as an entrepreneur.

“The naivety is what saved us.”

This is a fantastic episode for others looking to create their own innovative solutions for parents or for anyone, frankly.

To watch the full interview, visit the link below!


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