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Our Instagram community of super cool moms strikes again with awesome reviews of Noggin Wipes! We are so grateful as we truly enjoy helping parents deal with cradle cap. This annoying condition, medically known as seborrheic dermatitis, was such a headache for our founder Donna with all of her three kids that she simply had…


Check out this Instagram reviews reel of our Noggin Wipes fans

We love our Instagram community of lovely mamas and we truly appreciate it when they take the time to share their Noggin Wipes stories. Whenever they talk about their experiences with our product, they help other moms who struggle with cradle cap discover a new solution for their little ones. If you’re new here and…


Treatment for Eczema in Kids

When Sara noticed eczema developing on her daughter Chloe, she wanted to find a natural treatment for eczema. It was important that the solution would not be too harsh for her daughter’s skin. After hearing experiences of others who successfully used our natural wipes as a treatment, she purchased her own to see for herself….


Severe Eczema Soothed By Noggin Wipes

After Anne successfully treated one of her children for cradle cap with Noggin Wipes, she wasn’t really sure what to do with what she had left. She decided that she would try the wipes out on her other child’s severe eczema to see what would happen. “We had leftover Noggin Wipes from a bout of…


An Easy Cradle Cap Remedy: Mom to Maverick Tells All

Maverick has had cradle cap since he was only a few weeks old. His mother, Nicole, was anxious to find an easy cradle cap remedy from the very beginning. She was honest and admitted that finding an easy solution was harder than she expected. Like most babies, Maverick is on the move and has limited…


Shampoo For Cradle Cap: A Major Fail!

When her daughter developed cradle cap around 3 months old, Temima began using a shampoo for cradle cap. She believed that this treatment option would remove the flakes from her daughter’s scalp. However, to her dismay, the shampoo did little to remedy the condition so Temima was in search of a better solution. She gave…


A Toddler with Cradle Cap: One Clutch Solution

Jess’ mom couldn’t believe it. A toddler with cradle cap? She thought 3 years old seemed a bit out of reach for infantile seborrheic dermatitis. After all, she was already dealing with the same problem with her 6 month old child. As a result, she was surprised to discover her older child also had it….


A Treatment for Cradle Cap That is PED-Approved

Joshua D. Levin, MD is the Attending Physician at Elm Street Pediatrics. He could not wait to give his input on Noggin Wipes as a treatment for cradle cap. He believes this treatment option is the best solution for busy, on-the-go parents. Here’s what he had to say: “As a general pediatrician, I see my…


A Nontoxic Wipe for Scaly Skin

The uses for Noggin Wipes are always expanding — one mom blogger used it as a nontoxic wipe for scaly skin. Terri Salinas of A Cup of Motherly, noticed a patch of scaly skin on her young daughters leg. After lotions and ointments did not work, she turned to another solution. “With one use of…


Severe Cradle Cap Case in Baby Eli

Eli’s mom says that from the moment he was born, he had sensitive skin. That problem escalated when, around 3 months old, Eli developed pretty severe cradle cap. We’re talking big scales, red patchy skin, and an unhappy Eli. Who could blame him with all of the subpar remedies on the market? While cradle cap…


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