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Cradle Cap on the Forehead Be Gone: Baby Eleanor’s Story

Help! My baby was born with a head full of hair, but developed cradle cap on the forehead shortly after. Has anyone else found themselves in a predicament like the mother of this scrumptious little tot? Baby Eleanor’s pediatrician suggested a shampoo to sooth and heal the flaky skin that had spread above her brows….


A Dry Scalp Remedy for All Ages

You’re not the only one looking for a dry scalp remedy to carry you through the freezing winter months. You’ve seen the flakes, felt the itch and tried many products. What you may have not considered is that the perfect solution may be right under your nose. One parent found a solution to dry scalp…


Cradle Cap Hair Loss Solved for Baby Gigi

As if those yellow, crusty, sticky little scales weren’t enough, you have to also deal with cradle cap hair loss? Oh brother. Gimme a break. Gigi’s mom had never heard of cradle cap when she made the discovery. Even her husband, who had already raised two children, had no clue! While giving her slippery little…


How Liz, Mom to Harper Ditched Toxic Shampoos for Cradle Cap

While looking for shampoos for cradle cap, Liz was alarmed by many of the options available. Many of these options included ingredients that she was not comfortable with using. She did not want to expose her young daughter, Harper, to any harmful toxins. These toxins might potentially cure her infantile seborrheic dermatitis, but pose risk…


Samantha, Mom to Florence, Tried Countless Remedies for Cradle Cap

Samantha tried many remedies for cradle cap for her oldest child when he was little. After trying countless solutions, the cradle cap finally went away when her child was three! That’s a serious time investment to finally see the results that Samantha was looking for. She was sure her cradle cap troubles were in the…


Liz, working mom, fights Cradle Cap with Noggin Wipes

This working mom needed something that worked fast for her baby’s messy cradle cap. She tried messy solutions and suggestions of every kind, but to no avail! Liz was wondering if she would ever be able to find a solution for her baby’s scaly head until someone suggested something she had not tried. Noggin Wipes…


Becky, single mom to Jonah, talks about Noggin Wipes

When Jonah was born I was overwhelmed. I am a mom by choice and while I had support of family and friends – at the end of the day it was me and this little guy. He started to develop cradle cap after 2 weeks of being born. The doctor told me to use baby…


Bek, mom of three, talks about Noggin Wipes

This mom of three had no time to deal with the time consuming cradle cap solutions on the market. Noggin Wipes were the answer to her problem. Easy!


Dave, hands-on dad of three, finds Cradle Cap solution in Noggin Wipes

This hands on dad took matters of cradle cap into his own hands and Noggin Wipes were the perfect fit for him. Unfortunately, he experienced cradle cap not once, not twice, but three times! His set of twins and one younger child all had cradle cap! As you can imagine, this super dad tried everything…


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