Teeny Tiny Talks

Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom and the President and Founder of CS Recruiting Company, Charlie Saffro

Our new guest on Teeny Tiny Talks, Charlie Saffro, is the leading lady of a big huge company and a mom of three. In our super cool talk, you will get to know this wonderful woman, who spends her days running CS Recruiting, a supply chain and logistics recruiting company. Yes, she is as cool…


Teeny Tiny Talks with Dad and Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani

We are super excited for this month’s Teeny Tiny Talk with the thoughtful, kind, hardworking dad and podiatric surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani. A little about our guest Dr. Benjamin Tehrani Dr. Benjamin Tehrani or, as his patients adoringly call him, Dr. Benji is a podiatric surgeon and the founder of King’s Point Foot & Ankle…


Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom, Registered Dietician and Founder of FEED, Lara Field

This Teeny Tiny Talk is a delicious one! Our founder Donna is joined by the lovely mom, pediatric registered dietitian, nutrition expert and founder of FEED, Lara Field. A little about our guest Lara Field While working at the University of Chicago as a clinical dietician, Lara saw a growing need to help families find…


Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom, Full Time Pharmacist and Creator of ChangePal, Dr. Mavis Mbi

We are convinced that the best products for children were created by moms who struggled to find a solution for specific stumbling blocks they faced during their parenting journey. For our founder Donna, the challenge was finding a no-mess alternative for treating the annoyance that is cradle cap. After failing to find it, Donna decided…


Teeny Tiny Talks: Healthy Living with Wellness Blogger, Jovanna Morgan

No matter how healthy we think we may be, there is always room for improvement. Our conversation with Jovanna Morgan covered many bases, most all of them from the lens of healthy living. We can all be inspired from this conversation with Jovanna to commit to our own personal development, fulfillment and happiness. Even as…


Teeny Tiny Talks: Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Michele Cox

Our founder, Donna Rudolph interviewed Dr. Michele Cox, an expert in regenerative medicine and owner of Vessel IV Bar. At Vessel IV Bar, Dr. Cox and her husband, Brian, focus on optimizing wellness through what they call micronutrition services. Dr. Cox explains that through her practice she focus on answering this question: How do we…


Teeny Tiny Talks: NY Orthopedic Surgeon & Father, Dr. Armin Tehrany

In our bi-weekly segment, we are happy to sit down with individuals who are changing the world and being amazing parents at the same time. After all, parenthood on it’s own is no small task. Being a busy professional while parenting, now that deserves an award! This week we sat down with a renowned NY…


Teeny Tiny Talks: From Prosecutor to Diversity Consultant

It’s easy to understand why we were excited to sit down with Rahel Bayer. Not only has she helped to keep homes and communities safer. She has also led the charge for positive change as a sexual harassment and diversity consultant. Keeping Victims Safe Rahel Bayar is a former sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor….


Teeny Tiny Talks: Culinary Coffee in NYC

Meet our guest, Jonathan Rubinstein. Talk about a real life renaissance man. Jonathan is the owner and operator of Joe, an award-winning collection of culinary coffee shops in New York City. He lives with his 12 year old daughter, Sally, in Brooklyn along with their dog, Belle. And yes, everyone thinks his name is Joe:)…


Teeny Tiny Talks: Coming Out as a Parent

In this episode of Teeny Tiny Talks, Jodi Harris sits down with our founder, Donna Rudolph to tackle a big topic — coming out as a parent. Meet Jodi Harris.  Jodi is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and what I would call a high creative. More About Jodi Let’s start with her success as a TV…


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