Teeny Tiny Talks: From Prosecutor to Diversity Consultant

It’s easy to understand why we were excited to sit down with Rahel Bayer. Not only has she helped to keep homes and communities safer. She has also led the charge for positive change as a sexual harassment and diversity consultant.

Keeping Victims Safe

Rahel Bayar is a former sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor. She worked in the field of sexual misconduct and abuse prevention for over a decade. She also spent many years as an Assistant District Attorney. During this time, she worked in both the Child Abuse/Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Bureaus at the Bronx District Attorney’s office.

Donna could not help but note that Rahel’s experience as a prosecutor felt like an episode of the television show “Special Victims Unit”. While the reference is understandable, Rahel outlined the biggest difference.

“I promise you it’s not like that, only because nothing ever resolves itself within 45 minutes”, Rahel explains.

As a prosecutor, Rahel was responsible for the prosecution and investigation of hundreds of sex crimes, child abuse, and domestic violence cases. This included high-profile rape cases.

A Change in Her Path

Rahel has since founded the Bayar group, a firm committed to creating more inclusive workplaces. Through the firm, she develops and delivers customized interactive workshops, lectures and trainings across the country.

As a sexual harassment and diversity consultant, she has consulted for over sixty K-12 independent schools, camps, media outlets, financial groups, law firms, global youth organizations, corporations, churches, synagogues, religious organizations, and nonprofits. She is a sought after and widely renowned speaker who has built her career on creating safe spaces and facilitating change in workplaces globally.

Outside of her career, Rahel is also a full time mom to three children. She has a beautiful way of striking the balance between her busy work life and her family obligations. She acknowledges what a great partner she has in her husband which really helps her navigate her busy schedule successfully.

However, Raquel is quick to admit that things aren’t perfect.

“In no way should it be misinterpreted that we have everything together”, she says adamantly. “Everyone is struggling.”

We’re thankful for the opportunity to talk to such a dynamic individual who is truly changing the world we live in. To learn more about this fascinating prosecutor turned entrepreneur, watch our full conversation!

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