How to Use Noggin Wipes

Perhaps you’re wondering how exactly a seemingly simple wipe could be the answer to your cradle cap woes. Let’s walk through how to use Noggin Wipes for the parents who are new to our mess-free remedy.

Before that, let’s discuss some of the benefits packed within these powerful little crust busters.

Benefits of Noggin Wipes

Noggin Wipes are the ONLY, one-step, soothing and exfoliating, disposable wipe on the market to help relieve cradle cap.

They are carefully made with a special avocado oil-based solution on a gentle exfoliating cloth that is soaked in our oil-based mixture. This mixture intended to leave a thin, oily film on the affected area.

The light, oily residue that is left on your baby’s skin after using one of our awesome wipes is not only moisturizing, it is actually working to gently and safely break up and loosen the irritated skin which will ultimately help to relieve the symptoms that occur with cradle cap! (The best part is that they can work using only one wipe per day, but you can go ahead and use as many as you want.)

Noggin Wipes work gradually and gently to alleviate the symptoms associated with cradle cap in the optimally safe amount of time.

Now, it’s time we let you in on exactly how to use Noggin Wipes so that you and your family can begin to enjoy the benefits for yourselves.

Step 1: Grab that little tootsie

Make sure that baby is in a comfortable and safe position that will allow you to use one hand freely. We recommend that baby sits upright to give easy access to their full noggin.

However, do what works best for your little one. If baby is comfortable, the process will be much easier to execute.

Step 2: Grab your pack of Noggin Wipes and remove one wipe

Now it’s time to arm yourself with the easiest on-the-go solution for cradle cap. Your little ones will be thanking the heavens that olive oil is not running down their sweet faces.

Let’s just say that let less mess equals less stress 🙂

Step 3: Time to exfoliate

Using the bumpy side of the wipe, gently rub your babies scalp for 30 seconds. For babies or kiddos with longer or thicker hair, be sure that the wipe is applied directly to the scalp.

You may need to part the hair into sections in order to ensure that the wipe makes contact with the affected areas.

The wipe will leave an oily residue, which enables it to continue working its magic. Feel free to leave the residue on, allowing it to soak in, or wash it away in a bath.

Step 4: Discard and repeat

Once you’re finished rubbing your little one’s head like a genie’s lamp, simply throw away the wipe. Repeat this process until the cradle cap has been soothed and you are happy with the results.

Folks, it simply does not get any easier than that! Now that you’ve learned how to use Noggin Wipes, take a look at some of the other uses our customers have found!

For more tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe to the Teeny Tiny Treatments YouTube channel. There is certainly more where that came from!


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