Teeny Tiny Talks: Raising Children as a Busy Parent

w/ Julie Samuels of Tech:NYC

Teeny Tiny Treatments has just kicked off a new segment dedicated to honoring hard working world changers who are also raising children at the same time. 

In our first episode of Teeny Tiny Talks, our founder Donna Rudolph sat down with New York’s own powerhouse, Julie Samuels. Julie Samuels is the Founder & Executive Director of Tech:NYC.

With Julie leading it, this company has been an essential part of the growth of New York’s tech scene. It advocates for policies that encourage its development. Moreover, they are a proponent of inclusion, diversity and access for all New Yorkers.

Raising Children as a Powerhouse

Julie stays busy leading and innovating as one of New York’s 50 most influential women (number 50 to be exact). When she’s not doing that, she is navigating raising children in today’s fast-paced world.

Julie discusses what a day in her life looks like, how gender norms play into her family life, and how she balances the duties of being a business owner with the duties of running a household.

Key to her success is a willingness to take on help when she needs it. She understands that raising children truly takes the support of a village.

They also talk about what led Julie down the road to her current role.

“Women in particular grow up thinking that there’s a path that they have to take but…it doesn’t have to look like what you always thought it would look like,” Julie explains.

During one of the most riveting parts of the discussion, Donna and Julie explore navigating spaces as a woman. Understanding what you bring to the table in every space is essential. 

“Most women I know struggle with some kind of imposter syndrome,” Julie admits. 

While that imposter syndrome may take hold in both our personal and professional lives, Julie offers some advice that has helped her to acknowledge her strengths no matter what room she is in.

If you’re a busy professional who is also raising children, you will definitely enjoy this sit down with Julie Samuels. Watch the full interview here.


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