Severe Cradle Cap Case in Baby Eli

Eli’s mom says that from the moment he was born, he had sensitive skin. That problem escalated when, around 3 months old, Eli developed pretty severe cradle cap.

We’re talking big scales, red patchy skin, and an unhappy Eli. Who could blame him with all of the subpar remedies on the market?

While cradle cap is most often a mild condition that causes no pain or itching for infants, it can be most troubling for parents. When we see those crusty scales take over our beautiful baby’s skin, we are anxious to find a proper solution.

For Eli’s mom, that solution came at the perfect time. Noggin Wipes was launched right around the time that her sweet babe developed his severe cradle cap! Eli’s mom says that it didn’t take long at all for our quick, crust busters to get down to business.

“They made a huge difference – and it cleared up so quickly,” says Eli’s mom.

Although Noggin Wipes do a phenomenal job at clearing up cradle cap, there is still a chance that cradle cap might occur again further down the line.

In Eli’s case that flare up came a few years later, but luckily, this time around was not a case of severe cradle cap.

Even luckier, his mother knew exactly what to use this time around on baby Eli’s noggin.

“I used them again when he had a rare reoccurrence of cradle cap as a toddler. So great!”

Noggin Wipes are the product that grows with your child so you’re prepared if cradle cap shows up again.

Looking for stories from other parents who have wiped away their share of crusty little noggins? We’ve got more where that came from. Get the rundown from some of our favorite grownups here.


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