Severe Eczema Soothed By Noggin Wipes

After Anne successfully treated one of her children for cradle cap with Noggin Wipes, she wasn’t really sure what to do with what she had left. She decided that she would try the wipes out on her other child’s severe eczema to see what would happen.

“We had leftover Noggin Wipes from a bout of cradle cap for my eight year old- believe it or not! I didn’t know what to do with the remaining wipes,” said Anne.

What Anne found was a shock to her, but no surprise to us! Although we created Noggin Wipes as a remedy for cradle cap, many skin conditions have similar symptoms.

When you think about it, eczema results in dry, flaky patches of skin just like cradle cap does. The conditions are just located in different areas.

Anne couldn’t believe how quickly the Noggin Wipes ingredients got to work. In fact, her son’s severe eczema on his wrists had drastically improved after just three days.

So if you were thinking about disposing of a bag of perfectly good wipes, think again! You might find yourself in a bind that Noggin Wipes can take care of and there is nothing better than healing two children with one wipe. That’s what we call efficient.

Aside from helping clear severe eczema, Noggin Wipes can also be a great treatment for some other common conditions. We’ve had kiddos like Gracie use them to treat dry scalp.

We’ve had mom bloggers like Terri use them to clear up patches of dry skin on her little one’s legs. What’s more, we’ve even had customers like Sandi use them to treat dandruff.

Who knew there were so many uses for one wipe? Our founder, Donna Rudolph could not have imagined when she was creating Noggin Wipes, that they would have such a far reaching impact on so many households, but we sure are glad to see it.

If you have a skin condition that is causing any dryness, flaking or peeling, Noggin Wipes may be the remedy you’ve been looking for. Give it a try today!


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