Shampoo For Cradle Cap: A Major Fail!

When her daughter developed cradle cap around 3 months old, Temima began using a shampoo for cradle cap. She believed that this treatment option would remove the flakes from her daughter’s scalp.

However, to her dismay, the shampoo did little to remedy the condition so Temima was in search of a better solution.

She gave Noggin Wipes a try and was shocked by the quick results.

“After 2 weeks of use, the cradle cap was gone! I had used too many shampoo products that never helped but after a few weeks, her scalp is totally clear!”

Now that’s a teeny tiny SCORE! Not only did Noggin Wipes achieve what other products could not. They were able to clear baby’s cradle cap with the stress and mess that comes along with other treatment options.

Moreover, in some cases daily shampooing can result in a dry scalp that further compounds the cradle cap. No parent wants that.

Leave it to our wipes to take care of cradle cap, without over drying baby’s sensitive scalp.

We’re glad that our Noggin Wipes could save the day for Temima. If you or another parent you know is currently using a shampoo for cradle cap with less than favorable results, your time is now.

Try the first of Teeny Tiny Treatments’ solutions for busy grownups today! You can also check out what some of our customers have to say about them here.


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