Teeny Tiny Talks: Coming Out as a Parent

In this episode of Teeny Tiny Talks, Jodi Harris sits down with our founder, Donna Rudolph to tackle a big topic — coming out as a parent. Meet Jodi Harris.  Jodi is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and what I would call a high creative.

More About Jodi

Let’s start with her success as a TV actor — her credits are in the hundreds but to name a few of my favorites: Greys anatomy, Aquarius, Jane the Virgin and her upcoming work on a new show about Erin Brockovich’s life called Rebel.

Jodi, together with her sister is the owner of the (best!) diaper rash ointment company, Pinxav- which has been around for 90 years and when Jodi and her sister took over the company they took it to a new level, and as a result are thriving in the baby industry.

Living Authentically

In her personal life, Jodi was married for 19 years to her husband from which she had two biological children.  She could never really understand why she was never comfortable in her own skin.

Things finally came to a head, and Jodi ‘came out’.  We dive into what the process of coming out as a parent and married woman was like.

“My coming out was not all rainbows and unicorns.  It was messy.”   

She describes that period of self-discovery as “coming to really own who I was,” which she says “was ultimately the best thing for myself which I believe in the end is the best thing for my kids.”

Jodi now lives with her partner of 6 yrs, and is part of a blended family. Their kids are ages 14, 15, 16 and 19.

We talk about inner strength, seemingly impossible obstacles that really do make us and our children stronger, her kick-ass baby company and David Duchovny. 

Jodi believes that the obstacles that have come her way ultimately have made her and her children more resilient. She is an incredible inspiration for anyone grappling with a decision to come out as a parent.

More than that, she is an inspiration to chart a path that feels authentic and true to you. Watch the full interview with Jodi here.

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