Teeny Tiny Talks: Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Michele Cox

Our founder, Donna Rudolph interviewed Dr. Michele Cox, an expert in regenerative medicine and owner of Vessel IV Bar. At Vessel IV Bar, Dr. Cox and her husband, Brian, focus on optimizing wellness through what they call micronutrition services.

Dr. Cox explains that through her practice she focus on answering this question: How do we get the body back to self healing? She serves as a guide for her patients, working alongside them as a partner in their own journey towards better health.

As a veteran of both the Navy and Coast Guard, Dr. Cox received a strong education from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and the renowned Walter Reed National Millitary Medical Center.

So what makes her different than conventional practitioners? Through her practice, Dr. Cox offers alternatives to traditional approaches that might not be ideal for the patient for a number of reasons.

“It’s not just about sick care anymore, it’s about ultra-wellness or hyper-wellness,” Dr. Cox explains.

A Common Dilemma For Working Parents

As a busy, working parents, Dr. Cox discusses how easy it is to become so immersed in your vision that you lose site of the overall picture. That picture consists of more than just a successful career, but also a successful home.

“I noticed that for a lot of professionals, myself included, we’re so mission-driven sometimes that when we got home, it’s like almost the best of us is given away,” Dr. Cox admits.

Dr. Cox realized that her work was creating a gap between the parent she was showing up as and the parent she wanted to be. That’s when she began to do some inner work and education around children and their psychology.

The result was a parenting style that focused a little less on rigid structures and more on experimental and fun ways of engaging her children.

Takeaways for Better Health

Dr. Cox spoke candidly about her spiritual path and the role that it has played in her life. In fact, when Donna asked her what her best self care routine was comprised of, Dr. Cox firmly cited meditation.

She also gave additional insight into practices like intermittent fasting which helps your body dispose of old, weak, inflammatory cells through intentional stress.

Of course, as a proponent of regenerative medicine, she knows that vitamins, minerals, and amino acids also help us operate optimally. She provides these boosts to her body through IV infusions offered through her practice.

Dr. Cox teaches us so much about how we can support our body by just taking the time to understand it more. Hear from her on this episode of Teeny Tiny Talks. You can watch now on the TTT YouTube channel. Be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe!


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