Teeny Tiny Talks with Dad and Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani

We are super excited for this month’s Teeny Tiny Talk with the thoughtful, kind, hardworking dad and podiatric surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani.

A little about our guest Dr. Benjamin Tehrani

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani or, as his patients adoringly call him, Dr. Benji is a podiatric surgeon and the founder of King’s Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles. He treats a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions and is an expert in metatarsal fractures, custom post-surgery orthotics, heel pain, nerve pain, diabetic foot examination, and more.

Seeing the effects of neuropathy in patients with diabetes, Dr. Benji took to his passion and created a life-changing supplement called NerveAssist. He is a professional that truly understands what it means to be part of an integrative patient care.

In addition to being a top podiatric surgeon, Dr. Benji is a talented pianist and has played the piano since he was seven years old. He is also a hands-on dad to his two-year-old, and is excited to welcome a second baby with his wife in the upcoming months.

Let’s get into our Teeny Tiny Talk with Dr. Benji

The conversation starts from the bottom up, as Donna asks Dr. Benji about his career path and is curious to know how one gets into feet. Dr. Benji explains how a variety of circumstances brought him to this career, including his interest in sports and the surrounding injuries, as well as the fact that he grew up with a diabetic mom who had her own podiatrist and often took him to her appointments.

Dr. Benji speaks about his profession enthusiastically and considers this medical specialty very interesting as it allows him to work with both adults and kids, celebrities with cosmetic needs, people with chronic conditions, and more.

The talk goes deeper as Dr. Benji explains how life with a diabetic mom on dialysis looked like, and how it affected his decision to choose this profession and develop NerveAssist, a supplement made for her, but also for the thousands of Americans dealing with diabetic neuropathy and other forms of nerve pain.

Donna and Dr. Benji continue by discussing work-life balance and how him and his attorney wife manage to be hands-on parents while having such big jobs. He also goes into parenting styles and how his own upbringing affected his approach to raising kids.

The Teeny Tiny Talk shifts into Dr. Benji’s relationship with music and the value that playing the piano brings to his self-care routine and his life. The importance of self-care, mental health and overall enjoyment is also part of the advice Dr. Benji would give to his 18-year-old self.

The inspiring conversation wraps up with a crucial message from Dr. Benji about giving oneself more credit and tapping oneself on the back for all accomplishments in life, no matter how small they seem.

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