Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom and the President and Founder of CS Recruiting Company, Charlie Saffro

Our new guest on Teeny Tiny Talks, Charlie Saffro, is the leading lady of a big huge company and a mom of three. In our super cool talk, you will get to know this wonderful woman, who spends her days running CS Recruiting, a supply chain and logistics recruiting company. Yes, she is as cool as her job and you don’t want to miss this fantastic conversation.

A little about our guest Charlie Saffro

Charlie is the President and Founder of CS Recruiting, a company which she built from the ground up over a decade ago. She has 14 years of direct recruiting experience within the logistics, transportation and supply chain space. Today, she leads a team of over 30 and manages a multi-million dollar organization where she focuses on making meaningful connections, empowering others and helping people discover their full potential. Charlie has worked with many small to medium-sized businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to help them identify the right talent for their organizational needs.

Charlie is a dedicated yogi and encourages her clients and her team to practice mindfulness in the workspace and beyond. She is married to her college sweetheart and takes pride in setting a good example to her three young boys ages 10, 12 and 14.

Now, let’s get into our talk

Of course, before anything else, we had to bust some anecdotal myths about truck drivers. We asked Charlie to tell is if it’s true that most truckers are male, whether they make a decent living and how spending so much time on the road affects their family life. Charlie’s answers will definitely enlighten you.

We, then, went into Charlie’s education and career path and we discovered how a girl like her got into the male-dominated trucking industry. Her career wasn’t what she expected, but she wouldn’t have it any other way, and you have to watch the conversation to find out why.

Charlie continues to explain what her company actually does on a daily basis and what’s it like to have a female-owned business with mostly female employees. She beautifully explains what it takes to be a recruiter and how her job requires quality match-making skills. As with every other industry, the pandemic affected this one as well, and Charlie tells us how her team continued to thrive while working from home by following their five crucial company values.

This ambitious woman beautifully manages her work life with home life, and shares amazing secrets to her successful system. Charlie also draws a parallel between how she raises her children and how she was raised, and explains how her upbringing affects her parenting decisions.

In addition to being a super-busy mom and businesswoman, Charlie is also a yogi. We loved her simple take on the power of yoga, breathing and mindfulness and how these practices can improve every aspect of one’s life, especially during a pandemic.

Watch the Teeny Tiny Talk below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more inspiring conversations.


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