Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom, Full Time Pharmacist and Creator of ChangePal, Dr. Mavis Mbi

We are convinced that the best products for children were created by moms who struggled to find a solution for specific stumbling blocks they faced during their parenting journey.

For our founder Donna, the challenge was finding a no-mess alternative for treating the annoyance that is cradle cap. After failing to find it, Donna decided to make one, and that is how the original wipes for cradle cap, Noggin WipesTM, were born.  

A little about our guest Dr. Mavis Mbi

Our guest on today’s Teeny Tiny Talks, Dr. Mavis Mbi, had a struggle of her own. While on maternity leave, Mavis had trouble finding her babies’ changing items and felt she was wasting a lot of time looking for things. Because of that, she set her mind to create the ultimate organizer that would house all of her babies’ essentials in one place and that would be easily portable. 

This idea set the foundation for what is now called ChangePal. In 2012, Mavis received her first patent for ChangePal and was then inspired to set her team on a path of continual innovation.

In addition to being an innovator, Mavis is also a pharmacist. She has been blessed with three adorable children, aged 11, 8 and 5, all of whom continue to inspire her to create and innovate. Her mission is to help other moms and dads with her brilliant travel bags that save time, money and energy while on-the-go. Mavis wants to take the hassle out of looking for needed essentials and help people enjoy life’s precious moments instead. We love that!

Let’s dive into our Teeny Tiny Talk

Although raised in Columbia, Maryland, Mavis was born in Ghana, West Africa and immigrated to the United States with her family in her early years. Growing up as children of immigrants is what Mavis and Donna bond over at the start of this lovely Teeny Tiny Talk. They discuss how this shaped their lives, and Mavis continues to share her personal story of royal lineage and the specifics of African parenting.  

Mavis tells more about her journey and how having a full time job at a pharmacy while raising 3 kids showed her the importance of organization. She then goes into the real inspiration for ChangePal, and it’s a good one: the first trip with a baby! Parents, you know exactly what this looks like, so no wonder it brought about a fantastic invention.

“The ChangePal idea was literally dropped from Heaven to me by God,” says Mavis. 

The rest is history. Mavis set her mind to create a prototype of the organizer and make it available to all other parents. 

Mavis has so many fantastic tips and resources for parents, entrepreneurs and parent-entrepreneurs, so you have to dive into this Teeny Tiny Talk and soak in the knowledge! What’s especially great is her parenting hack. Life-changing!

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