Teeny Tiny Talks with Mom, Registered Dietician and Founder of FEED, Lara Field

This Teeny Tiny Talk is a delicious one!

Our founder Donna is joined by the lovely mom, pediatric registered dietitian, nutrition expert and founder of FEED, Lara Field.

A little about our guest Lara Field

While working at the University of Chicago as a clinical dietician, Lara saw a growing need to help families find their balance with food amidst their stressful lives. Lara knew that she could help them successfully manage health conditions, food and weight issues, and overall healthy lifestyles.

Lara has more than a decade of clinical experience at top-ranked pediatric hospitals, she has worked with over 1300 families and has lectured all around the country.

In 2008, Lara founded the nutrition consulting business FEED. Lara has always made nutrition a top priority for her family, dedicating time and effort to eating right and never compromising the quality of meals despite a fast-paced life. That drove her to start her business and help other families cope with health conditions through good and enjoyable nutrition.

When Lara is not running FEED, she spends time with her husband and 2 boys.

About this delicious talk

Lara and Donna start off this Teeny Tiny Talk by discussing how our understanding of food and eating has changed in the last decade. Lara explains what has and has not changed in this time, and emphasizes why less is more when it comes to food.

Lara continues by diving into the different parts of her profession. She explains how nutrition involves science, research, understanding the relationship between food and body, but also teaching and providing psychological support, as eating is an emotional experience for both adults and kids.

The conversation also addresses the pandemic and how it has affected nutrition and eating. Lara points to the fact that childhood overweight and obesity has been on the rise throughout COVID-19 and that the lack of activity has hugely impacted kids’ weight.

If you or your child are struggling with a gastrointestinal disease like Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or with food allergies, this talk is a must-watch. Lara delves into the importance of truly learning how to feed kids, especially when dealing with such conditions.

Size is another topic Donna and Lara cover, especially in terms of how weight affects overall health.

Lara also discusses her life at home, what kind of eaters her boys aged 10 and 12 are, how her and her husband approach food, what her parenting journey with feeding has been like, what’s hard for her when it comes to raising kids, and more.

Watch the Teeny Tiny Talk in full below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more heart-warming and educational conversations.


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