Treatment for Eczema in Kids

When Sara noticed eczema developing on her daughter Chloe, she wanted to find a natural treatment for eczema. It was important that the solution would not be too harsh for her daughter’s skin.

After hearing experiences of others who successfully used our natural wipes as a treatment, she purchased her own to see for herself.

“I had seen testimonials of parents using extra Noggin Wipes to clear up eczema. I decided to try it,” said Sara.

After only three days of using Noggin Wipes as a treatment for eczema on her daughter Chloe, Sara saw a dramatic difference.

She was most pleased by how easy Noggin Wipes were to use. Moreover, they did not make a mess like some of the creams found on the market.

We’re happy to provide busy moms like Sara with no-mess solutions like this that get the job done and make parenting just a little easier.

If you’ve been searching for a treatment for eczema that you can count on, Noggin Wipes is a safe bet.

Our customers have raved about Noggin Wipes and have used them for way more than we initially intended them to. We’re glad to see them be used as more than just a treatment for cradle cap. Our customers have gotten resourceful and used them as a treatment for eczema and even dry scalp as well.

Share your Experiemce

If you have a unique Noggin Wipes experience to share, we want to hear from you. Is there a skin condition that you have tried Noggin Wipes as a remedy for? If so, how did it go?

Find us on Instagram and send us a direct message with your testimonial and photos so that we can feature it on our website! You can also read testimonials from other parents who have used Noggin Wipes as a treatment for skin conditions here.


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