Your Mom Tribe: How To Meet New Mom Friends

Rebecca J. - Mom of Three

Given the fact that moms are often exhausted and potentially covered in spit up, it can be daunting to find your mom tribe.

Finding new mom friends feels a lot like dating. You have to put yourself out there, be a good listener, ask engaging questions, and be willing to drive an hour for what might turn out to only be a 30-minute date! (And of course time it perfectly so you don’t interrupt your baby’s nap schedule). 

This is all in the hopes that your potential new mom friend even calls back! Is it worth the hassle and potential rejection? We say yes!

Babies are adorable but they don’t discuss the newest Netflix show, the best pumping bra, or their favorite type of formula. 

Moms can multitask like an octopus—using all 8 arms at once, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t always use an extra two! So when you’re branching off to find new friends that can be a part of your mom tribe, here are some places to look:

1. Pools or Community Centers

A good place to start finding or expanding your crew is a neighborhood pool or local community center. Your 2-year-olds will fight over the same Lightning McQueen water toy and pretty soon you will both be laughing! 

2. Mom Groups

There are also popular mom groups like PACE, MOPS, & the JCC that focus on new mamas. These groups are great ways to connect easily with other moms and exchange helpful parenting tips.

3. Playgrounds

Parks in the summer are another great place to meet friends but you have to make the first move. Use some of these handy conversation starters to give you a boost:

  • Ask how old their child is
  • Bring bubbles to share 
  • Bring an extra shovel or something another parent may need

Once, I met someone because she needed a band-aid and we’re still friends. She became a part of my mom tribe just because I was able to lend a hand.

Even Noggin Wipes can be the beginning of a new friendship. After all, friends don’t let friends have cradle cap. 😉

4. Baby Classes

Looking to avoid the heat? Baby classes are a great way to mingle from the comfort (and coolness) of indoors.

If you are feeling bold, this might even be the perfect opportunity to ask a new friend to a nearby lunch with her kids when the class is over. 

Whether you have one kid, multiple or you’re preggers–your mom tribe is critical. Of course, you will always remain besties with your single friend backpacking through Europe, but there’s certainly room for those experiencing a similar life change.

Not all moms will be your “person,” but it always feels good to have a community that backs you. Plus, you’ll need help carpooling that little tot once he grows into a sport playing, activity-crazed kiddo!

So good luck this summer and let us know your favorite tips on meeting new mom friends and building your mom tribe.


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